Toto Kisaku, Artist/CEO/ Founder

Credit photo Leigh Busby

Credit photo Leigh Busby


Playwright / Actor / Director / Producer

Toto Kisaku is an award-winning Congolese playwright, actor, director, and producer. Who studied drama at the National Institut of Arts. After establishing the K-Mu Theater in 2003, he spent the next 13 years traveling the world producing and participating in plays, with a focus on going beyond the constraints of daily life and examining how people living in difficult circonstances (poverty, oppressive regimes) can use artistic activities to recreate their environments and improve their lives. Toto arrived in the U.S. in late 2015 seeking political asylum, which he was granted this march. Since his arrival, Toto has spent his time learning English and redefining his artistic expression based on the drama that his country of origin is experiencing as well as the country which has welcomed him. A critical theme found throughout Toto's work is his invitation to both spectator and actor to find ways to go beyond the four walls of a performance space. Festival Appearances: Festival of Limoges, Avignon, Paris Quartier d'Eté, Right About Now, A/D Werf, ICAF, ICAF, TAZ, Festival on Niger, Pilotobé, Mantsina sur scène, Toseka, TILT, Collaborative Projects and Creations: "Patati Patatra et des Tralalas" by D. Niangouna; "Tabataba" by BM Koltes; "Roberto Zucco" by BM Koltes; "20 ans, et Alors !" by Don Duyns; "Topdog/Underdog" by Suzan Lori Parks; "Rencontres au Pluriel" by Toto Kisaku; "Basas'ya Bazoba" by Toto Kisaku & Guido Kleene; "Surface" by Toto Kisaku. Toto was the recipient of the 2010 "Freedom to Create Prize," presented in Cairo, Egypt. Kisaku is among this year's Rebecca Blunk Fund awardees, awarded by the New England Foundation for the Arts. 

"Requiem Fr An Electric Chair" is Toto's first play to be performed in English and is his debut performance in the United States.