About Toto

Toto Kisaku is an award-winning Congolese playwright, actor, director, and producer. Toto was born in Kinshasa and studied drama at the National Institute of Arts. After establishing the K-Mu Theater in 2003, he spent the next 13 years traveling the world producing and participating in plays, with a focus on going beyond the constraints of daily life and examining how people living in difficult circumstances (poverty, oppressive regimes) can use artistic activities to recreate their environments and improve their lives. 

As an activist, one of his most successful projects as producer and actor was "Basal'ya bazoba," which raised awareness of the law protecting children in Kinshasa and played to more than 150,000 people in and around Kinshasa. For this production Toto received the 2010 "Freedom to Create Prize," presented in Cairo, Egypt.