Le Petit Studio


What: Le Petit Studio is a workshop space for dramatic readings by and for children and adolescents, with some participation by some brave adults! Grandparents get ready! Perfect for schools, church groups, community centers, nonprofit organizations, corporations—anywhere you want children to experience the fun of drama!

Why: Creativity is exciting, it’s exhilarating. And creating with other people brings them into our lives in a way that is empowering--the opposite of violence, which keeps others on the outside. Creating safe spaces for young people to be creators of their own lives and experiences is vital to developing the neighborhoods, the communities, the cities we dream of.

How: Imagine in 2 hours that 20 young people can recreate an entire world on stage. Imagine that they take responsibility for making artistic decisions to realize their vision and make their story come alive.

First, the children choose a book or story to dramatize. Next, they decide who will play each character, who will make sounds that will create the environment, and who will design the costumes and the set. Then the activity begins! For 1 marvelous hour, the young people cut, sew, paint, staple, and draw; they sing, whistle, blow, snap, stomp, and make unearthly sounds to recreate the world they’re creating; they practice voices for characters, look up how to pronounce unfamiliar words, try out various postures that fit their characters, and dig deeply into their characters—how they feel about themselves, how they feel about the other characters.

I have led more than 40 Le Petit Studio workshops for schools, nonprofit organizations and governments.

For more information on how you can bring Le Petit Studio to your location, please contact me.