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Congolese Theater Artist Toto Kisaku will teach a day-long workshop at Oddfellows Playhouse for theater students, teachers and theater professionals. Lunch will be provided.Mr. Kisaku was born in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is an award-winning playwright, actor, director and producer who studied drama at the National Institute of Arts. After establishing the K-Mu Theater in 2003, he spent the next 12 years traveling the world producing and participating in plays. His work has a focus on social justice. In 2015, the Congolese government kidnapped and prepared to kill him because of the content of one of his plays. This past summer, his play, Requiem for an Electric Chair, which told the story of his imprisonment, was presented at the New Haven Arts and Ideas Festival.

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Work space

Accompaniment's program for young artists and groups of individuals able to ask the same questions that I am asking myself today which the impact is visible on all our respective communities. This experimental work space aims to materialize projects and ideas conceived and preconceived in a given period and in a specific space.